in the bankers box

If everyone's to start biting, life won't be worth living

Sudden unhapiness was hurt vanity 2

Perhaps one should never put one's worship into words

At first an occasion rather than a friend

I cannot feel this tragedy as much as I want to

Beautiful sins like beautiful things are a priviledge of the rich

Like that of the toes of a missing leg

Art, like nature has her monsters

Like most busy people he did not know one piece of poetry by heart

As if I hawked up the beautiful parts of my soul

He made of it a noble lament

It’s only shallow people who do not judge by appearances

Easygoing in manner, sentimental but shrewd

Life and a pretend life

Kathrin had a walk-up on Lexington

In the sadness of bourgeois surroundings

Her skin is creased from the grass